If we mention any resources in the podcast, we’ll share the links so you don’t have to go searching for them. We’re nice that way.

Episode #18: (I’m sure Maggie will come up with a clever title about beta readers)

Writing Tips from Mary Robinette Kowal

Episode #13: Revisions aka Once More, With Feeling

Novel Revision: Understanding the Craft (Reedsy)

Novel Revision: Practical Tips for Rewrites (Reedsy)


LinkedIn Learning

Episode #11: You Can Pants If You Wanna


Episode #7: The Pen Name Game

Kindle Worlds

Zoraida Cordova – Rey’s example

Lisa Swallow – Athena’s example

Episode #6: Smut Smut, Baby

“The Star and the Ocean” by Maggie Derrick

”Off Pitch” by Brianna Kienitz

“Hard Rock Tease” by Athena Wright

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

“Hard Rock Fling” by Athena Wright

“Let’s Talk About (A)sex, Baby” – Bri’s asexuality essay

“Becoming Forever” of the Waking Forever series by Heather McVea

Episode #5: Anarcy in NA

Marie Landry

“Lady in Waiting” by Jea Hawkins

Michelle Osgood

Episode #3

When Roald Dahl’s Editor Decided He Was Too Much Of A Prick To Publish

Son Of A Pitch – (aka the Twitter pitch party that got Bri her publisher!)

Surrey International Writer’s Conference

Shout Outs:

2017 Sapphic-Read-A-Thon

Lesbian Bookworm

Maggie’s Patreon

Michelle Osgood

Malinda Lo’s “A Line in the Dark”

Episode #1

Maggie’s Twitter thread on how to support web-based authors.