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Episode #30 – Everyone Remembers Their First (Draft): It’s time to stop hating on first draft. It’s also time to stop being precious about them, too. In this episode the WIP Pod team talks about love and hate in the drafting process.

Episode #29 – WIPPOD, School of Witchcraft and Creativity: Hey friends, welcome back to the WIP Pod! This week we’re going back to school by sharing our favourite ways to continue our creative learning.

Episode #28 – Pew Pews Of Love!: This week we talk about falling in love with new projects, what we need to really get us to work on them and not just slap the idea in our slush pile.

Episode #27 – Home Is Where Your Desk Is: This week we talk about our writing and creative spaces and what we need to get into the zone! Some of us are needier than others.

Episode # 26 – Regrets, We Have a Few: This week Athena leads a conversation about regrets: things we wish we had known back when we started our creative journeys. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Think of this episode as a session of creative therapy.

Episode # 25 – ATTACK OF THE FANDOM: Today we dig into something a liiiittle bit different than usual – fandom. We talk about The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…and of course, the fandom’s that got us started and are keeping us going. From Fall Out Boy & JPOP to Harry Potter and Steven Universe, we cover the whole gambit.

Episode # 24 – Relaxing All Cool Outside… the Podcast: Since Maggie is off getting married, and Athena’s with her, we have a special guest today! R. R. Campbell is here to talk to us about what we do when we aren’t writing – in this case, how we “chill”. The conversation gets deep as we talk about what it means to “refill the well” and take time away from your work.

Episode # 23 – Ending on a Cliffha- : Welcome gentle listeners, to today’s episode – where your hosts chat about cliffs, hangers, where they go and what to do with them. Also, mostly talking about how many we hated and what makes cliffhangers worth it or not.

Episode # 22 – Talking the Long Game with Zoraida Cordova: This week the WIP team talks about nvaigating the publishing “long game” with special guest, Zoraida Cordova!

Episode # 21 – Get Your Brag On: When it comes to creative pursuits, it can be easy to get down on yourself, especially when you don’t think you’re accomplishing as much as you’d like. But the truth is, we all have a lot to celebrate, so this week Maggie and the team do exactly that!

Episode # 20 – We’ve Got Character: Characters! Love them or hate them, they’re the beating heart of any good story. This week Rey hosts an engaging convo about tips, tricks, and processes for creating compelling characters. Plus, we take a quick tangent to talk about #cockygate.

Episode # 19 – Be My Beta (Reader): Beta readers are such valuable parts of the writing process. Bri hosts this week’s topic and covers what exactly beta readers do, how to find them, and how to be the best beta reader you can be!

Episode # 18 – Workin’ 9 to 5 (Or, Y’know, Whenever): Staying on top of your creative ambitions when you’ve got a full-time job is HARD. But creating full-time comes with its own unique challenges too. Athena leads this week’s conversation about the pros and cons of each lifestyle.

Episode # 17 – Break Throughs, Not Break Downs: This week is full of breakthroughs: not only do we FINALLY figure out our audio woes, but we also share our favourite writing breakthroughs with you! Maggie hosts this episode full of inspiration and poop jokes.

Episode #16 – Catch-Up Time: Rey pointed out that it’s been a long time since we’ve filled everyone in on what we’re working on, so that’s exactly what we do in this episode!

Episode #15 – Oh, the Places You’ll Write: The band is back together and this week Bri hosts a hot mess of a conversation about the importance of research!

Episode #14 – Assholery – a Tale of Crispy Marshmallows: This week we talk about everyone’s favorite tropes: hate-to-love and assholes with hearts of gold! We break down what the formula is for these tropes, why we love them, and cry about our examples for the entirety of the episode. This was recording in loving memory of Maggie Derrick, who succumbed to the plague and was unable to be with us during this episode. (We had some technical difficulties at minute 16, so bear with us!)

Episode #13 – Revisions aka Once More, With Feeling: We’re back! After a longer than expected hiatus, the WIP team (minus Rey. Boo to allergies) jumps right back into things. This week the topic is revisions and the listener questions are plentiful.

Episode #12 – Hard Work VS Good Luck: Is there some kind of algorithm for success in the creative industry? Rey leads this discussion about hard work, good luck, and the truth behind common misconceptions.

Episode #11 – You Can Pants If You Want To: Are you a plotter or a pantser? Or maybe you’re a plantser? However you write, Bri wants you to know there’s no wrong way to do it. Also, this episode is totally haunted and we’re very sorry!

Episode #10 – Procrastination Station: Athena hosts this conversation about procrastination. the WIP team talks about what makes them avoid doing the work and tricks for getting over it.

Episode #9 – SUCCESS!: Maggie takes something ugly and turns it into a thoughtful discussion about how we determine and measure success in our creative pursuits.

Episode #8 – What’s Up, 2018?: Technical difficulties won’t stop Rey from hosting this timely chat about our creative goals! Here’s how we won and failed in 2017, and how we’re going to make 2018 kick ass.

Episode #7 – The Pen Name Game: Bri’s thinking about taking on a pen name. She hosts this week’s discussion about the whys and why-nots and other best practices of playing the pen name game.

Episode #6 – Smut Smut, Baby: Romance author in residence, Athena leads a fun and steamy conversation about writing smut.

Episode #5 – Anarchy in NA: We’re sober again and Athena is back! Maggie hosts our highly anticipated conversation the New Adult age category in fiction.

Episode #4: A special two-hour episode in which Rey, Bri, and Maggie get drunk and talk about queer shit. Athena is still on vacay because she’s fabulous.

Episode #3: A meandering conversation about querying! This is another long episode because we go off the rails a few times but we swear there’s a lot of useful info in it!

Episode #2: Time to talk about building your characters from the ground up and killing your darlings *cue evil laughter and faint weeping*

Episode #1: An introduction to your lovely hosts, what they’re working on, what it means to be “published”, and how we feel about “failing” NaNoWriMo 2017!